Brand language launchpad: 6 weeks to quantum-leap-igniting copy

For growing brands with big things to say [that need help working out how].

Designed to take your brand's language from zero to out of this world.

We'll work together to define your brand's distinctive voice, clarify your point of view and map out strategic messaging.

You'll get a ready-to-use brand language strategy, launch prep to get you set for blast-off.

1. Point of view

Develop a powerful point of view to escape your industry's echo chamber and start leading conversations.

2. Authentic voice

Define a voice that captures the humanity and vibrancy of your business to beat the boring AI bots.

3. Audience insights

Decode your customer's desires and position your brand as their obvious choice.

4. Competitor analysis

Build a clear picture of the competitive landscape, and language to communicate your brand's advantages.

5. Message mapping

Construct messaging frameworks that map out how you talk about who you are, what you do and why it matters.

6. Launch prep

Review your brand language strategy and fine-tune your copy ready for blast-off.

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Case studies

At times it felt like a therapy session, but that’s a good thing right?

We knew we did great work and a lot of it, but we needed to boil that down to something that said who we are as much as what we do. It needed to be simple and clear, but also bold and exciting.

Felicity was very clear about how she worked and asked brilliant questions to get the answers she was looking for — and ultimately the help we needed.

Now we have a brand language strategy, we have a clear set of guidelines that everyone can refer to and something that gives us inspiration when we’re putting together any set of words no matter the audience.

We went in looking for help with our tone of voice and came out with a lot more!

A black and white portrait of Euan - male, late 40s, short dark blonde hair, stubble, smiling.
Euan McMorrow
Content Director at AVC Immedia
read the mission debrief

Working with Felicity was an absolute joy.

She gave us an opportunity to talk through our way of thinking and our complex messaging, and listened to the issues we had.

When Felicity came back to us with her finished work, it was exactly what we had been looking for and already its implementation is making a big difference to the way we work.

We would thoroughly recommend any organisation who is looking to develop a brand language strategy to reach out and work with Felicity.

Martyn Walker
Communications & Marketing Manager at includem
read the mission debrief

I immediately felt calm, seen and heard with Felicity.

I have found it difficult in the past to articulate exactly what I do. Felicity provided a safe space for curiosity and to gain clarity on my brand voice.

She drew out my passion, my joy for my work and I felt empowered by my own voice. I now feel I can speak about my brand confidently and take the next steps towards achieving my goal of supporting multi-faceted creatives.

A creative portrait of Rachel - female, mid-30s, smiling and dancing, wearing a white shirt.
Rachel Kay
Founder at Flight Mode Method
read the mission debrief

Mission blueprint

Phase 1: Escape the echo chamber with a powerful point of view

What we cover:

  • Going beyond givens i.e. the things everyone else is saying
  • Identifying what your brand stands for and against
  • Exploring how these beliefs and values shape the way you do business
  • And how they relate to what your ideal clients/customers want and need

What you get:

A powerful brand point of view that:
  • Is true to your brand’s values
  • Reflects your team's expertise and experience
  • You can own and defend with confidence
  • Cuts through the noise of a crowded market
  • Builds trust with good-fit prospects
  • Is distinctive, memorable and hard to copy
Phase 2: Beat the AI bots with an authentic brand voice

What we cover:

  • Zeroing in on your brand's true personality and distinguishing voice values
  • Shaping meaningful explanations to put each voice value in context specifically for your brand
  • Defining voice aims to guide your team's writing decisions (and make briefing/ giving feedback easy)
  • Developing examples to show your brand's voice in action and spark inspiration

What you get:

A distinctive and authentic brand voice that:
  • Reflects the heart and soul of your organisation
  • Stands out in a market flooded with bland voices and AI bots
  • Is easy for customers to remember, and hard for competitors to copy
  • Turns browsers into your biggest fans
Plus a brand voice guide everyone on your team can understand and put into practice.
Phase 3: Decode your customer's desires with deep audience exploration

What we cover:

  • Defining who you're talking to and the problems you solve for them
  • Exploring their desired outcomes and how you help them get there
  • Identifying the blockers preventing them from taking action
  • Overcoming these blockers and backing your statements up with proof

What you get:

  • Clarity on your target audience, their current frustrations and problems to solve
  • Language to link their desired outcomes with your products or services
  • A strategy to overcome objections and position your brand as the obvious choice (+ make your claims credible)
Phase 4: Sharpen your competitive edge with a rival reconnaissance mission

What we cover:

  • Pinpointing the most competitive alternatives to your offer
  • Identifying the perceived advantages and real disadvantages of each option
  • Finding breathing space, opportunities for distinction and your competitive edge
  • Defining how to communicate this with credibility and confidence (without giving prospects the ick)

What you get:

  • A clear picture of the competitive landscape your business is operating in
  • Opportunities for differentiation your audience will notice and care about
  • Language to credibly communicate your competitive advantages
  • A social proof strategy to back up your claims and build trust with the right people
Phase 5: Plot your new trajectory with a message mapping session

What we cover:

  • Bringing together what we've learnt so far to define how you talk about what you do
  • Linking product/service features, benefits and value to audience insights
  • Defining your difference based on competitor analysis
  • Underpinning everything you say with solid proof

What you get:

  • A messaging framework that maps out who you are, what you do and why it matters
  • Language to position your products and services as the obvious choice for your audience
  • Plug-and-play messaging copy written in your brand's voice
  • A clear idea of what "good copy" looks like for your brand
Phase 6: Engage the rocket boosters and prepare for launch

What we cover:

  • Reviewing your full brand language strategy
  • Fine-tuning copy ready for launch
  • Looking at your next steps: copy and content planning to set you up for success
  • Brainstorming ideas for the future

What you get:

  • A ready-to-use brand language strategy document everyone on your team can put into practice
  • Feedback on copy written by you and your team using your new brand voice and messaging
  • A clear plan for what to do once we've finished working together
  • Inspiration, encouragement and confidence to get your new words out into the world

Choose your mission

Do it yourself

Best for solo B2B business owners on a budget.

A self-guided course for solopreneurs, freelancers and service professionals with big things to say.

And for copywriters to steal our processes 🤫

  • Based on our programme for 1:1 clients
  • Step-by-step video lessons
  • Digital workbooks with questions, prompts and exercises
  • Brand language strategy guide template
  • Do the work for your own brand
  • And/or learn how to run better brand language projects for clients

Done for you

Best for ambitious brands that are short on time but full of ideas.

We develop your brand language strategy, with your input:

  • 6 x 1 hr live online workshops
  • Weekly copy written by us, for you to review
  • Email support for programme duration
  • Weekly feedback sessions
  • Ready-to-use brand language strategy guide (at the end of the programme)
  • Launch prep session
  • Your time investment:8-10 hours
  • Contact for a personalised quote


Do it together

Best for small, agile marketing teams that can make things happen.

You develop your brand language strategy, with our support and guidance:

  • 6 x 1 hr live online workshops
  • Digital workbook for each session
  • Guided weekly tasks (~2 hrs per week)
  • Email support for programme duration
  • Weekly personal feedback
  • Brand language strategy guide template
  • Launch prep session
  • Your time investment: ~20 hours
  • Contact for a personalised quote


Your captain

An AI-generated portrait of Felicity Wild (white, early thirties, light hair) in a retro space suit looking intense.

Felicity Wild

Captain & chief Tone of Voice Nerd
I launched The Brand Language Lab because after many years as a freelance copywriter, I'd noticed too many clients were investing in generic, tick-box tone of voice guides that didn’t benefit their business.

I knew I could do a better job and develop brand language strategies to help move businesses forward and achieve tangible results.

They're designed to capture your brand’s distinctive verbal identity, clarify how you communicate and make every word count.

10 rounds of edits and your copy hasn’t hit light speed?

Sounds like you need a brand language strategy.

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