Flight Mode Method

Finding the words to capture a true creative’s unique voice and vision.
May 2022
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The mission brief

Put a deeply creative, and deeply personal project into words.

That was the challenge faced by Rachel Kay and her Flight Mode Method app. Dancer, choreographer, independent artist, industry veteran — Rachel is a multifaceted creative. She’s built a sustainable and fulfilling career on her own terms, despite her industry continually trying to put her in a box.

Many creatives face the same challenge, and leave the industry joyless and burnt out. Rachel knew it didn’t have to be this way.

She designed the Flight Mode Method app — based on her own visionary creative practice — as an online community to help other multifaceted artists to build sustainable, joyful careers in the arts aligned to their values and purpose.

She needed words to describe her app that were true to her voice and vision, that made sense of her method and its value, and connected with her intended audience.

The plan of action

Create a safe space for curiosity and exploration, working towards achieving clarity.

Rachel has a strong voice and a unique point of view. Through a series of wide-ranging explorative chats, we tapped into these as well as her passion for her work and its wider purpose in building a kinder, more inclusive dance industry.

I distilled Rachel’s voice into core personality traits with writing guidelines and copy samples to show what these looked like in action. I also defined her key messages — the most important things she has to say — and built these into a narrative to explain why the Flight Mode Method app exists and what distinguishes Rachel’s method from other creative facilitators.

The result

Rachel now has a brand language strategy that gives her the confidence to write copy in her authentic — and very unique — voice, and communicate what she really wants to say.

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