AVC Immedia

Repositioning an award-winning communications agency as strategic partners, not just service providers.
September 2022
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The mission brief

Take an agency from ‘best kept secret’ to globally recognised brand.

AVC Immedia is an award-winning communications agency specialising in audio, visual creative and AV equipment. They do amazing work with leading brands across the UK but were frustrated by feeling like a best kept industry secret.

They knew their work was good, backed by world-class expertise and a hugely experienced team. I was brought on board to help them communicate this in a way that aligned with their values-led ethos, and would build brand recognition and credibility in a noisy space.

The plan of action

Identify opportunities for differentiation, and define a brand voice and message with cut through.

There are lots of communications agencies out there that — on the surface — do the same things as AVC Immedia. We needed to find opportunities for differentiation and develop a brand language strategy to capitalise on these while staying true to their strong brand values.

I defined a tone of voice for AVC Immedia that was confident and credible (without being arrogant) with examples of what this would look like in real life. It also balanced their passion for their work and self-assurance in their skills, with the kindness of their company culture.

Next up was core messaging that emphasised the strategic nature of their work, underpinned by long-term partnerships — in contrast to their competitors’ commodity-based approach. A big piece of this puzzle was defining clear service areas linked to solving business problems and brand transformation  — rather than a shopping list of possible “things to buy”.

The result

A brand language strategy that puts AVC Immedia’s brand vision into words, providing a clear framework for how to talk credibly about their values, work, mission and what makes them the best in the business.

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AVC Immedia

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